Anneli -10,6kg

Anneli -10,6kg

Name: Anneli

Age: 37

Height: 158 cm

Starting weight: 75,5 kg

Current weight: 65 kg

Total weight loss: 10,5 kg (in 4 months)




Anneli's success story:

I'm 37 years old true country girl. I've never been too much overweight. But when cooking and baking for a family I also ate my bigger portions with good appetite and so the kilos started to come. I couldn't look in the mirror the same way anymore.  Dresses and outfits that fit perfect before, didn't look good anymore. But every woman wants to look beautiful and to wear clothes that compliment your figure! Then I saw Figure Friends ad and decided in an instant that this is my way out of uncontrollable weight gain. I belived in this solution as I had achived success with it some years ago after the birth of my daughter. I joined Figure Friends and weight started to drop. That kept me more and more motivated, there was always just a little more and a little more to loose... I started to like looking at mirrors again and my clothes suddenly looked big on me. My family supported me all the way and that made me very happy.