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Name: Annika

Age: 39

Height: 169 cm
Starting weight: 93 kg
Current weight: 72,6 kg
Total weightloss: 20,4 kg (in 6 months)

Annika's success story:
I joined Figure Friends thanks to a coworker. She had participated earlier and when the group started, I went with her. A week later another colleague joined.
Beginning of my journey went very well, kilograms disappeared, feeling was good. And to think of it, it's not so hard - you have to count, what you put into your mouth, and later you can count the kilograms you have lost - as simple as that! Of course I had some more low times, but I managed to overcome those. All for one goal - getting rid of excess weight. Today I'm 16kg lighter, and much happier and confident person than a year ago. I have never regretted joining Figure Friends, they gave me the support I needed, and I had people I could share my journey. Alone I would have not managed it.


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