Chicken fillet pockets with salad

Chicken fillet pockets with salad

4 servings; 1 serving

4 chicken fillet (600 g)        
1 pack of button mushrooms       
2 tsp oli        
2 tomatoes       
150 g fresh cucumber      
10 cm piece of leek
100 g lettuce
fresh dill
2 tsp oil        
150 g 10% sourcream      
salt, pepper to taste


1. Cut mushrooms and fry lightly without oil.

2. Cut chicken fillet's into three pieces lenghtwise, flavor with salt and pepper.

3. Put a spoonful of mushrooms in the middle of every fillet, fold corners into middle and fix with a wooden peg.

3. Brush lightly with oil and cook in oven at 200C until golden brown.

4. For salad cut tomatoes, slice cucumber, tear lettuce into pieces and chop dill.

5. Mix oil and sourcream for sauce, flavor and pour over salad.

6. Serve checken pockets with salad.

7. Enjoy!


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