For party season - water!

For party season - water!

Water - Your good supporter

Author: Mai Maser, Figure Friends main consultant

Christmas time is usually spent quietly, but New Years Eve can't be celebrated without drinks - alcohol! Yes, alcohol can help you enjoy the evening, but it also carries water from your body and reduces your blood glucose level. Temporary good mood and surge of energy from alcohol will go quickly, but how to tackle the humger pangs brought on by the reduced blood sugar levels the next day? How to avoid overeating and lousy feelings caused by alcohol?

A few tips:

1. eat before going out or before festive dinner. You should choose a light soup and a loaf of whole grain bread or vegetable salad with lean meat or egg. Whole grain and protein give you a full feeling and the absorbing of alcohol is slower. Also alcohol will have less impact on blood glucose levels then. 

2. drink a glass or two of water before alcohol and during the evening don't forget to empty your water glass between every drink - this helps avoid dehydration due to alcohol! 

3. good trick is to add mineral water to wine - you will get less calories with every glass!

4. before going to sleep drink one more (or two) glass of water.

5. if you still feel very hungry the next day eat whole grain pasta, potatoes or brown rice. Slow carbs will give your body the nutrients it needs. Eat less, but don't skip meals!