Cold and flu season treat - kiwifruit!

Cold and flu season treat - kiwifruit!

Right now is the time to enjoy kiwi fruits.

We suggest eating 200-300g of fruit daily, and in the flu season it's a good idea to take advantage of the benefits of kiwi fruits. Kiwis contain a lot of A, B and C vitamins and minerals. From minerals most noteable are magnesium and potassium, that help balance metabolism and help with cleansing the body.

Only one kiwi fulfils daily need for C vitamin as it contains 100-200mg of vitamin C per 100g. Additional to that, according to studies made in University of Massey kiwis can provide aid in case of sore throat or upper respiratory catarrh.  That's why we suggest eating kiwis in case of cold or flu - 1-2 fruits daily during 5-7 days. This makes the illness easier and shorter.

Kiwis useful properties support burning harmful fats in body which helps prevent thrombosis and extends life. For example Norway has a famous kiwi diet that includes 2-3 kiwis every day.

Kiwis are protected by a strong skin that keeps the fruits from drying out during storage. Kiwis contain a lot of different sugars - sucrose, fructose and glucose. Proteins and fats are scarce in kiwis - less than a gram per 100g of fruit. Kiwis should be appreciated for their high fiber content - much more than in many other fruits. 

Kiwi fruits are consumed with seeds. Bright colored, nutritious and distinctly flavored kiwis are included in many different fruit salads.

Mai Maser,

FF main consultant