User conditions and information

User conditions and information

Figurefirends is Figuurisõbrad OÜ registrated trademark. All materials are protected by law. Any unauthorized use, including copying is prohibited. terms and conditions

These Terms and conditions are mandatory for all users The user commits to read terms and conditions from time to time to re-examine.

Website is managed by Figuurisõbrad OÜ, registration number 11515380, location Mustamäe tee 16, Tallinn (henceforth use the abbreviation FS).

FS can establish additional terms and conditions to certain materials or subdivisions. Users will be notified at those materials or subdivisions.

FS can change or supplement given terms and conditions without informing users.

Processing personal data

We are processing personal data that is transmitted to us through by users themselves (registerating users etc). Transmitting personal data to FS is not mandatory if you do not wish to use those services in website that require registrating. It is forbidden to give incorrect personal data.

To whom FS shares personal data

Personal data will not be transmitted to third parties if the law or deal with user does not require it. Personal data may be transmitted to persons who are taking part of filling FS and user agreement (postal service ets) How can I access mu personal data and change it? FS does not have a obligation to preserve personal data. If you wiish to know what information we have about you then you can make an inquiry to

How is managed deleting and deactivating personal data?

Processing personal data will be finished if person makes the claim. The claim should be sent to:

Communication environment

FS web-environment enables to use communication environment to all registrated users. FS does not intervene to information content and FS does not take any responsibilty for information that is released by users.

Using our communication environment user must guarantee not to disturb forum consciously and deliberately and not to publish materials or information whitch is prohibited by law or whitch publishing can damage other users or FS or third parties rights (any pornographic, defamatory or rude content materials).

FS has a right to use any communication environment materials – to change, delete, quote, restructurize, publish as whole outside communication area.


According to the Copyright law the materials presented at web-environment are allowed to submit only with the permission of Figuurisõbrad OÜ.

Figurefriends is Figuurisõbrad OÜ trademark. This material is protected by copyright. Any unauthorized use, including copying is prohibited.

All web-environment FS materials (including text, images, video clips, logos, banners etc. ) belong to FS and using them outside of a web environment requires FS consent. Therefore, if you wish to use any of the material published in the online environment please contact FS e-mail and we will respond to your request or, if necessary, refer you to a legitimate entities.

The consent must include the applicant`s personal data (contact address where to respond), reference to materials, which asked for consent, the purpose and use of materials and methods brief description.

FS license or permission is not required to ask for service under normal use for making retrieval and annotations, paraphraseing news refering FS as a source, as well as a web reference to the environment in other web environments. If you are not sure whether or not consent is required, please coordinate with FS. Sending any materials through web-environment to FS, those materials will become FS property by default and FS will have all the copyright to publish those materials.

Links and materials

Any information and material published in FS web-environment ( belongs to FS by copyright laws. FS does not bear any legal responsibility for the web environment (including via links) for the information accuracy or completeness It is also prohibited to use the materials published on the FS web-environment in any other sources (including other web media, print media, etc.), if the terms and conditions enacts differently. FS can cahnge the material and information on the composition, structure, contents, etc at web-environment at any time .