Walking towards better health

Walking towards better health

Humans walk - that's our most natural way to get around. Walking every day for one hour could extend your life!

For overweight people moving around is often associated with difficulties and inconvenience, therefore they virtually have no exercise habits to speak of. The best way to start regular exercise is by walking. Walking increases oxygen flow, regulates heart rate and blood circulation, and increases fat burning. Walking adds limited strain to body and risk of injury is almost none. Walking in nature is completely free of charge and doesn't require any special equipment. And most important: the more you walk, the easier it will become as your weight decreases!

Making walking an everyday habit is easy if you have a dog - go for a walk every day! If you don't have a dog, you agree with a friend to go for a walk together. Make a fixed schedule, then it's harder to skip a walk that's already planned. 

 Walking is a simple hobby, it's much more convenient than going to a fitness club or gym. Walking is also the cheapest form of exercise, as you can do it anywhere and anytime. It's much easier to go for a walk also after a long and hard workday. 
 Exercise is relaxing. When trying to slim down it's important to focus on minimizing stress in your life because in a stressful situation your body will work against losing weight. Half an hour of walking in fresh air every day will do wonders to reduce and avoid stress. Walking also works as meditation - your brain will get fresh oxygen and will be filled with new energy. 
 Walking burns calories (about 300 kcal an hour) and increases energy and fatburn. This makes losing weight easier. Fatburning will additionally be increase with the strengthening of muscles - the more muscle your body has, the more energy it will require to function daily.
 Walking will not increase appetite, because body will mainly take energy from fat resources while walking. This will not allow for the blood sugar to drop to a critical level that could cause uncontrollable eating - this may be a problem with more intense training routines.
 Walking has a positive effect on all of your body. For example walking increases calcium levels in your bones and decreases risk of osteoporosis; speeds up bowel movements and decreases risk of constipation and keeps intestines in good working order; decreases cholesterol level; decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases; decreases breast and cervical cancer risk for women. 

Walk for and towards your health, because better health will give you a better feeling and happier mood. Enjoy active way of life! 


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